THE ARK OF LIFE - Giving Life a Purpose
                      The Ark of Life
                                 Center for Care 
                                 (a 501c3 entity)

                      To educate and support life 

                 Mind, Body and Spirit is the pyramid of life.
        You can not get well without healing from all three.
         Mind (stresses, trauma, anxiety, addiction, etc.)
         Body ( eating habits, exercise, stress level)           
         Spirit (what spiritual practice helps you through the day)
         What is your belief system? 

       If a patient is diagnosed with Cancer, the medical                         profession needs to be educated in helping that 
        patient learn what may help them to heal in multiple
        ways not just Chemotherapy and drugs. Science says               that disease begins in the gut. Many of us have                          indigestion problems, constipation,a hiatal hernia, all               kinds of stomach problems which are usually diagnosed           with low bacteria in the gut and put on a probiotic and                given a acid reflux medication but not counseled on                   lifestyle, stress and diet.
        We need science based nutrition that works, support staff         that is there for each person in a program to teach how            to prepare  delicious recipes, juicing, and how to prepare            healthy green smoothies that are cost affective.  
        Educating on what builds a healthy success!

        Our medical education has to needs to move           from treating a symptom with a drug to educating                       patients about what will help them change to get well.                  Patients have to be listened to as a whole..
       Their lifestyle may be killing them, they might just not know it !!
 The medical profession should be full of new proven research to share so that they can actually be called 
the Great Physician....

        Since Covid19 has been such an upheaval of our life, 
        we are asked to look at ourselves and say..... what can I              do to build my immune system and get support to feel             better so that fear doesn't take over?  Who can help me             learn how to eat, build confidence, feel good about                     myself  emotionally?  
      It takes a lot of work to build a bridge that will be sturdy             enough to make a difference in this life.

                               Let's work together and begin...