THE ARK OF LIFE - Giving Life a Purpose
           The Ark of Life Center of Community
                           "Giving Life A Purpose"

The Ark of Life Center is a 501c3 entity whose mission is centered on building Purpose, Health through Education, Values, Family, and Community Service

  The Ark of Life, LLC has worked in the community since 2003,  a Home & Health Service that gave
purpose in lives, independence and validated everyone's worth in their old age....... mind, body and spirit.

Continuing our journey through the Ark of Life Center , a non profit entity, we can help to make our workshops, care, and education affordable for everyone.
We do believe that people have to be listened to as a whole body for stress management in life which causes much sickness.  Workshops in mindfulness meditation, Instructors teach Reiki (Energy Therapy) to all who would like to learn especially caregivers.
" If our caregivers are not cared for; then they cannot care for anyone"

Working along side health practitioners we can add some therapies through education.  


         * A Motto that was given to the Ark many years ago:
                             Remember the 4 E's of Life: 
      To Empower, To Encourage, To Educate and To Equip.