THE ARK OF LIFE - Giving Life a Purpose
           The Ark of Life, Center of Community
                              "Giving Life Purpose"

The Ark of Life Center is a 501c3 entity whose mission is centered on building Purpose, Health through Education, Values, Family, and Community Service.

We do believe that people have to be listened to as a whole...stresses in our life sometimes are too much which causes disease and sickness.
Workshops in mindfulness meditation help to heal the mind
For all of our caregivers that are so stressed out that their lives are difficult...may you have support and learn to take care of yourself. 

" If our caregivers are not cared for; then they cannot care for anyone...especially our elderly and the sick.

Working along side health practitioners we can add some therapies through education.  

                            *Remember the 4 E's of Life: 
        To Empower, To Encourage, To Educate and To Equip.